Practical Electrical Engineering

Welcome to a website devoted to the practical side of Electrical Engineering, focussing on principles and information that practicing electrical engineers (EEs) use on a day to day basis. I plan to cover not just electronic components and the circuits you can make with those components, but also the process of bringing a product from initial concept, through prototyping and testing, and releasing it to production. I may even give some career advice.


I am a practicing electrical engineer who has working in R&D for a supersized technology corporation for about 20 years at the time of this writing. My experience lies mainly in developing digital printed circuit assemblies (circuit boards), high-speed digital transmission lines, and embedded computer systems. Electrical engineering is a vast field, and there are many areas that I know little about such as wireless communications. So, please bear in mind that there is much more to electrical engineering than what I cover, but I hope that the information will be generally useful.

The audience for this website is intended to be newly formed electrical engineers that are just coming out of college or are early in their careers. Also, high-school and college students, who want to get a sense of what electrical engineers think about, worry about, and do on the job, should check it out.

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