Function Generators

Function generators drive configurable signal waveforms. They can produce square waves, sine waves, triangle waves, and more. Fancy devices called Arbitrary Waveform Generators can take in a file that defines the waveform it outputs. Function generators typically include 50 Ohm series termination and are intended to drive 50 Ohm cables. Here is an example function generator.

Function Generator


  • Sine – Sine wave output
  • Square – Square wave output
  • Ramp – Triangle wave output
  • Pulse
  • Noise
  • Arbitrary – Generate waveform from provided file

Waveform Parameters

  • Amplitude / HiLevel – adjust the amplitude of the waveform or the high voltage level of a square wave
  • Amplitude Offset / LowLevel – Adjust the amplitude offset of the waveform or the low level voltage of a square wave
  • Frequency / Period – Adjust the frequency or period
  • Phase Offset – adjust the phase offset
  • Duty Cycle – Adjust the duty cycle of square waves


  • Burst – Output a waveform for a specified number of cycles then stop
  • Sweep – Frequency sweep mode. Many devices support linear or logarithmic sweeps
  • Modulation – Modulate a periodic carrier signal with another modulation signal

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